The "perfect students study young Xi Jinping"

On the occasion of the nineteen great victory of the party, our school held a "good student learning youth Xi Jinping" reading salon in the afternoon of October 14th. 20 representatives of Zhi Shansheng from 10 colleges and universities were gathered together. Under the guidance of assistant professor Sun Jianying of the Marx school, they read the wonderful chapter of Xi Jinping's seven years' educated youth years (hereinafter referred to as "years"), and exchanged experiences in reading. Zhang Haifeng, a full-time Vice Chancellor of the Party School of Jiangnan University, attended the event.

First of all, teacher Sun Jianying leads the reading. She described as "what to learn" to the young Xi Jinping, from "love the people's feelings", "dream pursuit" and "positive attitude" and "pioneering spirit of innovation", "hard truth learning attitude" that several aspects of students are introduced to the "years" the contents of the book, and then put forward the expectation of good students, I hope the students can look at the spiritual heights, shoulder the mission of the times, be good at distinguish between right and wrong, good decision to choose, to work hard, seek true knowledge.                        During the activity, the representatives of Cao Yuge, Liu Zhiting and Cheng Liang read the classic fragments of "years" respectively. Sun Yimin, Zhou Qian, Cao Wenbin and Wang Shuxian talked freely about the reading of "years" from different angles. In the free question, Mr. Sun answered his classmates' questions with his own experience. The interaction between teachers and students at the scene is frequent and the atmosphere is warm.

Opening ceremony, director liu to preparing for the training, course arrangement are introduced

Finally, Zhang Haifeng, the full-time Vice Chancellor of the Party School of Jiangnan University, reviewed and reviewed the reading activities. Mr. Zhang believes that the speech of the most good young students is "cheerful", "speaking positive" and "grounded", and reading activities are very meaningful. Zhang pointed out that the best young students should focus on the goal of educating people, academic masters, industrial excellence, pillars of the country, to become the new era of "high rich handsome" (character "high", "rich connotation", "handsome" young students of common progress). He hopes that young students can make good "years" as a book, inspirational book, "fasten the first button, draw nutrition from the book, temper forward; when read young Xi Jinping's thought, follow the young Xi Jinping learned to consciously take great responsibility entrusted by history the majestic power of youth, dedication to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the" two one hundred year "goal.

Students have said that reading activities help you understand Xi Jinping's youth exercise process and life experience, and the book "years" marked the bright era coordinates and grassroots guidance for young students' growth and development. Contemporary college students should take the young Xi Jinping as an example, to develop a love of reading and good reading of the way of life, listen to the party, with the firm ideal faith party, always willing to endure hardship, not afraid of hard struggle spirit, rooted in the earth Chinese, committed to national revival, write a chapter of youth passion and struggle.