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Huawei Philanthropy Seminar "Growing in the Rain of Bullets" Successfully Held

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19:00,May 2nd, 2018, the lecture of "Learning in the Jiangnan University - Growing in the Rain of Bullets" which was organized by the Student Work Department of Jiangnan University, the School of Mechanical Engineering, the school of Junyuan , and Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd., is held in the Jiangnan Yuandong conference hall.We were fortunate to have invited Professor Tian Tao, an adviser to the International Advisory Committee of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.,in the activity,as the keynote speaker,and Huang Zhengming, Party Secretary of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Dean of the Jun Yuan Academy,to preside over the activity.

In the early part of the lecture, Huang Zhengming, Secretary of Mechanical Engineering College, Dean of Junyuan academic School, Zhang Qiuju, Dean of Junyuan School, Wang Shuangxi, Deputy Director of School of Engineering, and Fang Jun, Deputy Secretary of Mechanical Engineering Institute, met with Professor Tian Tao.The dean Zhang Qiuju introduced the findings of Jiangnan University and the achievements made by the School of Mechanical Engineering and Junyuan School in the training of talents over the past few years. He also expressed his sincere welcome and thanks on behalf of the school for the arrival of Professor Tian.

Prior to the official start of the lecture, Wang Shuangxi, deputy director of the Department of Student Affairs of Jiangnan University, presented Professor Jiang Tao with the appointment Letter of Innovation and Entrepreneur mentor for Jiangnan University and hoped that Professor Tian could provide valuable guidance in the innovation and entrepreneurship work of our school.At the beginning of the lecture, Professor Tian first introduced the current situation and status of Huawei, and briefly explained Huawei's business distribution and planning direction.Subsequently, he proposed the core idea of the lecture: The hardest path is the shortcut.He cited Mount Everest as an example: "Huawei climbs from the northern slope of Everest. The northern slope is cold and steep. It has climbed. It is not easy for each step which is from an unknown small company to today's position. Huawei chooses dangerous road, but there are surprises on the road."When talking about Huawei's unique insight and wisdom, Professor Tian cited using a cup of coffee to absorb the energy of the universeas example to pointed out that Huawei insisted on the idea of compatibility in the selection of talents, and absorbed infinite wisdom in an affinity manner.Prof. Tian hoped that on-site students would learn to develop in depth, expand horizontally, seize the opportunities brought about by the 'informatization' era, be fearless of hardships and dangers, and strive to be the first.

In the questioning session, Professor Tian Tao gave detailed and in-depth answers to questions raised by the students.Regarding Will the next fall be Huawei? Professor Tian said: The real fall will be those who wish to enjoy the comfort and laziness of the Southern Slope forever ,but not those who always walk on the North Slope. Born in adversity and live in adversity will make Huawei more great.

So far, the theme lecture ""Learning in the Jiangnan University - Growing in the Rain of Bullets" successfully ended. Prof. Tian Tao's wonderful speech benefited all the present students. He hoped that students from Jiangnan could comprehend Huawei's spirit, know how to be revere and be up-and-coming in life,step forward in the rain of bullets .

Hosted by Party Secretary of Mechanical Engineering College, Dean of Junyuan Shuyuan

Huang Zhengming 

Certificate grant

Professor Tian on speeching


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